The 2019 Growing Season


The 2019-20 growing season has been warm and reasonably dry so far.

The vines have responded very well to the warmer weather with strong canopy growth and advanced growth stages. This should set us up for an early vintage.   

A spring storm in late October has seen some hail and wind damage on some blocks but this was minor in most vineyards.

Vineyard Development


We have seen a large increase in the number of vineyard development projects in 2019. Setting up for new plantings and reworking old cordons back to cane pruning kept us busy over the winter months.

Cuttings were also collected to be grown in a nursery, to be ready for the 2020 planting season.

Its exciting to see the investment being made into more desired varieties in the Margaret River region.  



We provide a monitoring service for many clients in the South West.  A monitoring program provides early detection of vineyard pests, fungal pathogens and bacterial diseases, potentially saving money on sprays or preventing crop damage. Current activities include:

  • Pest and Disease monitoring- with the growing season well underway our scouts are now checking for pests and diseases over flowering.
  • Petiole samples- completed at flowering this gives each block sampled very useful data of the vine's nutrition, which can then be used to adjust the fertilizer program this season or to help formulate next years nutrition program. 
  • Yield Estimation- completed once berries have set, this information is provided to purchasing wineries and used to ensure we are on track to produce the quality parameters targeted.

Please contact the office on 97568011 if we can be of assistance in these areas.

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia


In May 2019 many of our vineyards completed their Freshcare external audit. It is a requirement  to complete an internal audit annually and then every three years we are audited externally by a Freshcare Auditor.   

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia is a voluntary enviromental assurance program that allows winemakers and wine grape growers to receive formal certification of their practices according to recognised standards. AHA is currently assisting growers in the region in Freshcare, a WFA approved, independently audited enviromental certification program. Currently we have a number of vineyards accredited so feel free to contact us to see how we can certify you.

ASVO Viticulturist of the Year



We would like to congratulate Colin Bell on winning the ASVO award for “Viticulturist of the Year”!!

Colin is the first West Australian to win this prestigious award and is testament to his hard work and dedication to the wine grape industry.


Industry Development


Jim Campbell-Clause has been busy attending Vinitech in Bordeaux this month. We are greatly looking forward to hearing all about his experiences and knowledge upon his return. 

Colin Bell continues to be busy with industry development both regionally and nationally. This includes his ongoing representation as a board member of Australian Vignerons. He has also been working on the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference Committee who are organising an exciting program for the conference to be held in July 2019.

Mike Gray on behalf of Southwest Capes Water Users Group Inc. has been busy writing submissions and canvassing politicians support regarding the proposed introduction to water licence fees.  

Precision Viticulture


The remote sensing of vine vigour has become a popular tool to help grape growers and wine producers identify and manage variation in vine performance across vineyards. Many viticulturists and growers have found airborne imagery to be invaluable for all vineyard operations. Did you forget to order your airborne imagery for this season? If you did, then you will be pleased to know that you may be able to purchase imagery retrospectively through SpecTerra/AHA Viticulture. Please refer to the following website to see if the imagery you are looking for is available.